On Christ – The Solid Rock I Stand on

In our service to the Lord we are called to use a variety of hymns but none more than one which is entitled “On Christ the Solid Rock.” This is the song most Christians have been recited in churches all over the world as a teaching tool and a psalm of praise. It is often used in church when it is not possible for a regular worship service to be arranged, or when the pulpit is already being used for the weekly services. The freedom to move the hands is necessary so the praying may go on as usual.

We know this hymn was written long ago but its message rings as true today as it did then. The words are part of a collection of very good songs the church used as part of their collection of traditional hymns, which started way back in the Middle Ages. They are called “The Longer Ways” and they have some very powerful words to encourage people to trust in God while all else sinks sand.

For our modern-day listeners let us remember the words as if we were singing them in the pulpit. It is a beautiful hymn which will stand the test of time as it has done for many generations of Christian listeners. It is a message of hope and a message of praise for the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the rock upon which we stand and who gave us this precious hymn with open arms while He was pouring out His life saving it from every form of shame and scorn. It is worth our effort to get through this song and to memorise it.

Another reason for singing it is that it contains a powerful image of what listening to this hymn means. It is a powerful image of the cross and the reality that death has no victory over the risen Christ. It contains a powerful message of assurance that whatever things the devil has thrown at Him, Jesus has defeated them. In fact, it is so powerful that the phrase “on Christ the solid rock I stand“, has relevance not only for Christians but for all mankind.

The words of this hymn are a powerful instrument for the message of assurance that Christ delivers. This message of assurance comes in a number of forms. At first glance, it might appear to be a simple message of praise for the Lord and a message of fear for the enemy. However, nothing less than the sweetest frame of mind and the most powerful life-giving power can put this message into meaningful application and effect. It is worth our effort to move beyond the fear of our day to consider how this one hymn can help move us towards the assurance of our faith in Christ.

For anyone in the pulpit, whether they are a minister of this church or an auxiliary to the pulpit, can use these powerful hymns as a means of moving people to action. In the pulpit, they can use these powerful hymns as a strong introduction to a long-winded sermon on doctrine or as a concluding thought to a series of highly motivational hymns on morality or priorities. At the church office, it can be used to encourage a Sunday morning assembly or a weekly church meeting. No matter where they are, the power of this simple hymn will remain as a reminder to the believer that he is relying on Christ for strength and sustenance.